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Coded is already the best marketplace for designers. We'll be opening soon with a reimagined experience to help makers everywhere sell their work and share their ideas with our global creative community.

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Coded offers the highest commission rates of any creative marketplace. Earn more for your work with Coded.

Coded is a creative marketplace where graphic designers, developers, photographers, and makers everywhere can sell their templates and offer support to their customers. Current marketplaces offer developer commission rates ranging from 45-70% depending on the sales volume and exclusivity commitment of the developer. Coded offers 90% commission to developers for all of their sales from day one, regardless of their sales volume or exclusivity commitment.

In addition to the marketplace, Coded offers a space where makers can share their ideas, portfolios, and projects with their fellow makers. The Coded community values creativity and free expression. While offering a platform for makers to earn income from their work, Coded facilitates the free exchange of ideas within our diverse and global community.




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Design. Market. Sell.

Coded is a community and marketplace where makers everywhere can share their work and connect with other designers.

Earn 90% Commission

Coded offers the highest commission of any creative marketplace on the Internet. Earn passive income selling your creative templates on Coded.

Share your Ideas

Share your knowledge and work that you appreciate with the Coded community. Articles on Coded provide a space for makers to share their ideas freely.

Global Collaboration

Wherever there are people, there are designers. Coded helps makers everywhere to connect and share their work.

Available to Everyone

Coded requires zero exclusivity. Everyone, regardless of their skill or experience is welcome to be a member of our global community.

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Our developer portal is still open during our re-innovations. Join as a developer and start earning 90% commission on all your sales.

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